As time passes, there may be family law matters that need to be addressed in post-judgment motions and hearings. Child support, custody issues and spousal support orders may need to be modified after a divorce has been finalized due to changes in circumstances.

Any proposed change must be submitted to and approved by the court in order to obtain a modification. If you find that your circumstances have changed and feel that a change may be necessary, contact our office so that we can work with you to review your situation and see what steps may be taken. It is important to work with an attorney who understands your needs and wants to work with you to find an equitable solution to your issues. Contact us today.


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"In my experience, Kristin and Eden are set apart from apart from other attorneys, who seem to drag you through the process of getting divorced."      -- Father, Oakland County, ...


"Kristin and Eden understood my emotions (anger, confusions, sadness) were all present, and those emotions could potentially be formidable roadblocks to thinking rationally, and strategically sorting through each of the ...


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bio_footer_edenEden J. Allyn is an ardent advocate for her clients. Practicing since 1996, Ms. Allyn has dedicated herself to helping her clients by staying abreast of the latest issues and developments in the law. Read more...

bio_footer_kristinKristin M. Smith has worked on behalf of clients since 1995. From the beginning of her career, Ms. Smith has been an ardent advocate for those who find themselves in difficult legal circumstances, utilizing her legal skills for the benefit of her clients. Read more...

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